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Online magazine of Contemporary Nigerian Writing

ISSN 2043-0868

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Publishing & Submissions Cycle


Publication Date

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February 15th

December 31st

May 15th

March 31st

August 15th

June 30th

November 15th

September 30th


Submission Guidelines




Submission Guidelines


Poems: Submit up to 6 poems on any subject of 60 lines or less, or a long poem up to 200 lines plus 2 shorter poems.


Fiction: Submit Short Stories, or Excerpts from Novels on any subject or theme up to 5,000 words long.


Essays: Academic essays may be up to 6,000 words long.


Plays: Up to 5,000 words.


Reviews and Interviews: These may be up to 3000 words long.


All materials submitted must be in English Language. We encourage poems written in Nigerian languages as long as they are sent together with appropriate translations.


The name of the author as he/she would like to be credited must appear on the materials.




All submissions should be in Microsoft Word and MUST attached to an email saved in this format:


Title of Submission – Authors Name

{Example – “Divisadero – Michael Ondaatje.doc”}


Include biographical information up to 100 words long in the body of the e-mail.

Keep the bio to the point: Your name, where you live, and your publications. If you have won some awards, feel free to blow your own horn. There is no need to say you are a creative person or are heading for writing mastery. Let your work speak for you.

Try this format:


Okeke Alabi was born in Maiduguri in 1965. He studied African Literature at the University of  Ibadan, and currently teaches Literary Composition at the University of Lagos. His poems, short fiction and essays have been published in That Magazine, That other Magazine, and This Journal. His work is also forthcoming in Future Mag International. Author of the Ultimate Nigerian Book (2007), He won the ANA Prize for Fiction (2004), and the Nigerian Writers in Nigeria Award 2008.


Please attach a photograph of yourself in Jpeg, PNG or Gif format to go on your page. It should be sent as an attachment file in the same email as your submission in the format below -


               Name of Author

              {EG Michael Ondaatje.jpeg or Michael Ondaatje.jpg}


(Some people feel uncomfortable sending their photographs and have sent pictures of their cats or other pets instead. The editor does not like that and may not read those submissions. If you don't wish to send a picture, please don't, but you should send some picture that illustrates the idea or theme of your submission.)


Copyright: Once we accept materials for Sentinel Nigeria, we acquire the copyright until they have been published. 90 days after publication, the copyright reverts to the authors.


Simultaneous Submissions: We discourage simultaneous submissions. The turnaround time is 8 weeks.


Previously Published Work:  Generally we discourage submissions of previously published work. If we feel strongly about a previously published work we may solicit it. If your work has been published elsewhere and you feel it has not been given the exposure it deserves, and you feel strongly about it, by all means submit it, but please mention where and when it was first published.


Important: Please submit only materials that are your original work. Bear in mind that Sentinel Nigeria is a magazine and not a blog or discussion forum. Therefore the form and content of any work published in the magazine is final and any aspect of the work, or its authorship, may not be modified after 7 days of publication. Requests for modification of content, authorship or deletion will not be entertained. Copyright reverts to all authors 90 days after publication.


Sentinel Nigeria does not currently pay for work published. This will change in the future, and details of honorariums will appear here. 


Submission to Sentinel Nigeria must be sent to:



Sentinel Literary Movement of Nigeria

a chapter of Sentinel Poetry Movement

International Administration: Unit 136, 113-115 George Lane, London E18 1AB, United Kingdom


Tel:  +44 7812 755 751

e-mail: sentinel@sentinelpoetry.org.uk




Sentinel Literary Movement of Nigeria

a chapter of Sentinel Poetry Movement

International Administration: Unit 136, 113-115 George Lane, London E18 1AB, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7812 755751 e-mail: sentinel@sentinelpoetry.org.uk


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