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sentinel nigeria | Issue #3 | August 2010

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A Promising Penultimacy


For the third time I have the pleasure of writing an editorial for this magazine and I think, since the best things happen in threes, I should stop awhile to consider this pleasure. Cliché would direct me to some trite imagery of a father being well pleased with his son, or of a sensitive artist standing before his finest work. But cliché is cliché precisely because it is well worn and for this would not do. In the course of the last three months, I have, like too few of my countrymen, been literarily busy and from my reading of Orhan Pamuk stays the classic love scenario of Shirin and Husrev - a Turkish folk story in which the perfect main characters fall into a design of love at the first sighting each the other’s portrait. And of course, they go to great lengths to find each other though the curiosity is that when they eventually do, they do not recognize each other until their third chance-tempted meeting. Somewhere in this paradox lay the delightful kernel of all labors of love; it is here that I felt sure to find the answer to the reason for my pleasure.  Now at the end of that warren of thought, I find myself on my unmade bed typing this editorial, I say; the reason why we undertake labors of love is so we can feel a sense of promising penultimacy, not being quite sure where we are going, what adventures lie before us, not even if we shall recognize our dreams in fruition, yet being convinced to our souls that all of what is to be is inevitable and for this sake, worth it – something glimpsed briefly and, yet, implicitly understood. It is in this that pleasure lies. 

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Sentinel Nigeria Editors' Choice Awards

From Issue #3 (August 2010) We shall introduce the Editors' Choice Awards in this magazine. There will be a prize of £15.00 for each category of Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Reviews/Essays. The Editors and Contributing Editors will pick and vote for the work they consider the best. The winners of the August Awards will be announced in Issue #4 (November 2010), and the winners of the November 2010 Awards will be announced in issue #5 (February 2011) and so on. This award is sponsored by Eastern Light EPM International - The Entertainment, Publishing, Marketing and Web Services company.



Dubem Okafor

All of us at SN are saddened by the unfortunate news from the USA where Professor Dubem Okafor, one of Nigeria's respected poets and scholars shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself on Sunday the 15th of August 2010. It is a terrible turn of fate that Professor Okafor's career should end this way, and his name smeared. In time, hopefully, the literary world will find a way to celebrate his contribution to literature despite the manner of his end.


ANA/Esiaba Irobi Prize for Drama

Enter by 31 August 2010

There are still a few days to enter your work for the N50,000 prize sponsored by Olu Oguibe and the Olu Oguibe Foundation.

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Inside this issue




Emmanuella Nduonofit

Living in Smoke




Akinlabi Peter

Two poems


Abigail George

This is How I Ended Up 1 & 2


Julius Bokoru

Six Poems


Nsuhoridem Okon



Charles Bassey

Three Poems


Albert Ograka

Three Poems


Zino Asalor

Three Poems


Sandra Nwadi

Two Poems


Nwilo Bura-Bari Vincent

Earth is Empty


Kola Tubosun

Be Like the Road itself


Ahmed Abubakar Imam

Three Poems


Su'eddie Vershima Agema

Two Poems



Brainstormer Kids' Poetry




Su'eddie Vershima Agema



Habib Abodunrin Zakari



Zino Asalor

What to do...What to do


Ndagi Abdullahi



Suzanne Ushie



Mary Kemi Shorun

Number Six


Rikimaru Tenchu

Don't go to Abuja at Fifty-Eight


Emmanuel Iduma

Twenty Ten


Market Affairs

Chioma Iwunze



Essays & Reviews


Muhammad Shakir Balogun

In Dire Need of Verdification


Benson Eluma

How the Stickfighter Got His Cane


Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

Review of Through the Gates of Thought.




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