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WELCOME TO sentinel nigeria | Issue #2 | May 2010


Senator Anthony Agbo is a member of the Nigerian senate representing Ebonyi North constituency. He is a member of the National Committee on Federal Capital Territory, Identity Card and Population, Housing, Federal Capital Territory and Drugs/Narcotics and Anti-Corruption. Previously, he was the Commissioner of Finance, 1999 to 2003, and then Commissioner of Public Utilities from 2003 to 2005 in Ebonyi state.



Lament of Today�s Downcast


My land is not that of sleepless gods

For here, take it that gods sleep

In a bliss that should be pitied.

Endless on hectic wait

For the sound of the ancient gong at dawn

To announce the arrival of the weary

From reluctant return of duty

Of the troubadour, the exiled majesties

Where, but here mountains cower in fright

Where, but here lions and tigers eat grass

Blazing gore today pale and weary

bemoaning of de-pigmentation

Princes served in subdued sobs

Acrid cup of alien patch

Termites tear the womb of the war drum

Volcanoes charmed into eternal sleep

The ancient bows are broken

From my sunken sockets

endless rain falls

From epochs befogged

Yes, I groan to prevail on what the ancient times predicts

Come hand me prehistoric incantations to enact

My libation to wet the feet

This is for the immemorial powers

I conjure tomorrow to vanquish today

To remake the shattered skulls of the pharaohs

That I may drink the re-awakening potent portion

From the cauldron of the old medicine man

The dulled dreg in the earthen pot

explode into blazing effervescence.

Golden goblet gather

Let heavens wet the primeval garden

Olive plants sprout and bloom

New procession in the street of Thebes.



Prayer of a Wise Man


Take me to the habitation of the rainbow

Where rain is brewed  


Take me to the quaint lab of the stars

Where light is the by product of their alchemy  


Take me to the eternal greenhouse

Where the earth�s sprawling green is mothered


Lead me to the foot of that receding wall

Called the horizon  


Take me to the soap factory of the heavens

Whose foam is the cloud


Show me the house of thunder

That I may learn to slice (the) darkness


Conduct me on a tour of Eden

To study the origin of species


Take me back to the day I was conceived

That I may understand my beginning


Take me to the store house of secrets

And show me the primordial hen


That laid the night-twinkling eggs  


Take me to my origin

Where I come from




Game of fake gods

Tiny ants wearing giant�s masks

Wielding cyclopean limbs

With obscure laughter 

To build utopian cities

But in the evenings they return

With baskets of mixed harvests.






Abigail George
Abubakar Adam Ibrahim
Aderemi Adegbite
Angela Amalonye Nwosu
Anthony Agbo
Chima Iwuchukwu
Emmanuella Nduonofit
Ifesinachi Okoli
Immanuel Inyang
James Tar Tsaaior
Lola Shoneyin
Ozioma Izuora
Rasheed Ademola Adebiyi
Richard Ugbede Ali
Rishad ibn al-Sudani
Saka Aliyu
S. Ifedigbo & R. Ali
Sylva Nze Ifedigbo
Su'eddie Agema
T.J. Nanna
Tonyo Biriabebe
Umar Sidi 


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