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WELCOME TO sentinel nigeria | Issue #1 | February 2010




Ify Omalicha



Far from the prodding eyes
         of men and angels
she toils…
with the strength
of a thousand soldiers
she bears the world…
 then, her shoulders falling…
 yet she’s dying to fan
the flickering embers of her own dreams

And broken…

       she veils her scar
as stars lose their shine in her eyes
coloured red by the hotness of stale tears

And broken…

with punches thrown at her….
    yet she veils her ache

Mother of the earth
Pour your jars of uncried tears
             into our empty pots
Goddess of all that is born of love
break these iron walls of silence…

Talk Maria
Death hovers
of your
silent gnashing

dreams are dying!

Maria talk…

Life is wilting !

Talk Maria…

Salvation is come.


We Came Out to Play

The stars did not come
We began to chant and clap
The praises of the crescent
That the moon would not shut her eyes
At us waiting below the sky

The wind came whistling by
Laughing at our waiting.

If we ask Ogoo
Why the night is strutting by
           in the dark
He’ll say the moon and stars
Are gone to the spirit land
To bring us a fortune
           on Eke market day.

Now, we wait.

We know not many hidden ways
Lest we find you out
But you must come lighten this sky
That has grown dark with loneliness.

Come listen to our songs
Woven in our web of tales
Telling of births and life
Of yesterdays that never return
Of yesterdays that cling to now
Of todays that lie half-lived without tomorrow
And of many nights of tomorrow
When like Ogoo
We’ll know the ways of the wind and rain
Telling our children to clap and sing
While they wait for you to come to play.




Abdulaziz Abdulaziz
Ahmed Farah
Amechi Obumse
Auwal S. Muktar
Binta Shuaibu
Chinelo Onwualu
Chioma Iwunze
Chioma Iwunze (2)
Dami Ajayi
Dami Ajayi (2)
D M D Goodhead
Emmanuel Iduma
Emmanuella Nduonofit
Gbubemi Amas
Gimba Kakanda
Henry Onyeama
Ifesinachi Okoli
Ify Omalicha
Isa Muhammad Inuwa
Jerome Dooga
Kola Tubosun
Kola Tubosun (2)
Numero Unoma
Nwilo Bura-Bari V
Richard Ugbede Ali
Sifa Gowon
Tade Ipadeola
Temitayo Olofinlua
Temitayo Olofinlua (2)
Uche Peter Umez
Unwana Umana

Ify Omalicha is a post-graduate student of Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She is also a Poet and Performance artist. She performed at the maiden event of the Nigerian Prize for Literature endowed by NLNG. She has three published collections of poetry: Amidst the Blowing Tempest, They Run Still and Now that Dreams are Born. She was Resident Poet at the ABTI Academy, Yola, where she worked as a teacher and Literary consultant.


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