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WELCOME TO sentinel nigeria | Issue #1 | February 2010



Coursing the Runes

Few feelings are more distinctive than that which an editor feels at the writing of his first editorial. What makes this even more so is when it is for a literary magazine such as this one, Nigerian literature being the cusp of this writer and the ambience in which his magazine will bloom, or wither. more>


Letter from the Publisher

Outside In

February 15, 2010 has just become an important date for me. Like December 1, 2002 has been important to me; being the date that Sentinel Poetry Movement was established. More>


The Adulteress

a short story by Sifa Asani Gowon


I am awakened by loud banging and shouts outside the door. I am momentarily confused until I see Shimei hurriedly putting his clothes on, his eyes wild with fear. More>


Nigeria's Macabre Carnival

A review of Alpha Emeka's The Carnival

by Jerome Terpase Dooga

On a quiet, moonlit night, petrol bombs are used to set the Katako market on fire. Nothing escapes the fire. Three figures disappear quietly into an alley. The people of Rom village are roused from their sleep by the sound of rapid gunfire which appears to be coming from every direction. Many houses are set ablaze. More>

Inside this issue



A play by Emmanuella Celestina Nduonofit writing as Jingii. Worth the Wait





Abdulaziz A. Abdulaziz

Love Is... / Poor Poem

Ahmed Farah


Amechi Obumse

The Drummer / Forgotten Memories

Auwal S. Muktar

Blue / Life / Palm

Chioma Iwunze

Someday / Lamentations of the Budding Bard

Dami Ajayi

Clinical Blues IV / The ingénue and Her Lord

D M D Goodhead

Mbira / The Ghost Town and the Weaverbird / First Love

Emmanuella Nduonofit

The Picture has Aged / Man with Amulet

Gbubemi Amas

Darfur  - A Letter

Gimba Kakanda

Two Bubbles Burst

Ify Omalicha

Maria / We Came Out to Play

Isa Muhammad Inuwa 

She Rests / Sun

Kola Tubosun

This Step, This Spot

Verse in Pixels

Numero Unoma

Ulterior Motive / A Sea of Love

Temitayo Olofinlua Opposites / Today

Unwana Umana

City of December / Healer




Chinelo Onwualu

The Civilised Woman

Dami Ajayi

Pot of Gold

Henry Onyema

Survival Studies

Nwilo Bura-Bari V

Dreams Deferred

Temitayo Olofinlua

That I May Live

Uche Peter Umez

Police Wahala

Binta Shuaibu

Mindless Games

Emmanuel Iduma

It was Written in Blue

Chioma Iwunze

Love and the Mercenary

Sifa Asani Gowon

The Adulteress

Ifesinachi Okoli

Bus Passengers




Essays & Reviews


Tade Ipadeola

A Measure of War

Jerome Terpase Dooga

Nigeria's Macabre Carnival




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